If you are a dog parent, you want your pet to stay around you every moment. However, some situations force you to separate your unique bond. You may have to go somewhere without taking your pawed companion. In these cases, the best option is to take them to a dog boarding.

Why Take Them to a Dog Boarding Facility?

Staying in a boarding facility can be overwhelming for your dog. It is a new setup, and they may struggle to familiarise themselves. This may lead to stress and anxiety in the dogs. As the owner, you should look for the signs of stress and take measures to reduce them.

How to Keep Your Dog’s Stress While Taking Them to a Boarding:

Before taking your pet to a local dog boarding in Oxford, you should ensure that they get a stress-free experience. We mention some useful tips below.

  • Complete Their Vaccinations: Keep your dog up to date with the scheduled vaccinations before reaching boarding. This is an important requirement related to the health and well-being of your pet. This helps them be prepared to stay with a group and prevents the spreading of diseases to other canines.
  • Feed Them Before Dropping Off: It is an important requirement that helps your pet to remain calm and relaxed. You should also ensure that they drink enough water before going to the dog boarding. This will help them to remain hydrated and healthy.
  • Pack their Favourite Toy or Cushion: It is a helpful way of keeping your dog relaxed in a new setting. They generally become connected with small things like their favourite toys and bedding. When you pack those with their belongings, they feel at home, making it easier to connect with other companions.

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