Dog Training Services in Witney

If you think that your dog requires behavioural training, come to Gamegoer Kennels.
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Professional Dog Training in Witney

Are you worried about the training of your furry friend? If you opt for a reliable place for dog training in Witney, you are on the right page. Gamegoer Kennels is the safest and most comfortable shelter for your dog. We provide complete dog training and boarding for various breeds. If you feel your dog needs high-end behavioural training, we have the best solution.

Graham and Karen Watkins are two highly-qualified and experienced dog trainers who established this facility. They have been running this place successfully by providing flawless training to all breeds of dogs.

One-to-One Dog Training in Witney

Our experts understand that every dog is unique, and they need exclusive treatment for each dog we have in our facility. They will get the best training from experts in this field through our one-to-one training sessions. 

We have special training sessions for gun dogs. Our team suggested and arranged different types of training programs for gun dogs that include jumping lanes, rabbit runs, and water retrieves in a large lake. Our facility has its own hawks that are used to train gun dogs for falconry work. 

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