Dog training services in Kidlington

If you think that your dog requires behavioural training, come to Gamegoer Kennels.
We will be more than happy to help.

Highly experienced dog trainers

At Gamegoer Kennels, our trainers Graham and Karen Watkins are happy to train all breeds of dogs. We work across different stages and levels of dog training, so whether you would like us to fully train your dog or are just looking for basic obedience training classes for your puppy, we can help. Our dog trainers use highly effective methods to achieve excellent results. We are happy to train dogs from across Oxfordshire.

One-to-one training

We understand that every pet is unique and that’s exactly why we offer one-to-one training. We also offer ongoing support and assistance for both you and your dog, during and after training. Get in contact with us today to learn more about our classes.

Gun dog training

When training a gun dog, it is essential to ensure that the dog becomes unflappable when faced with different situations. In order to achieve this, we train them through a variety of scenarios. We have rabbit runs, jumping lanes, and also a large lake for water retrieves. With our own hawks, we can also train gun dogs for falconry work.

We can work with you to get the best from your dog. Call us on