Usually, training a dog to go to the toilet outside is no big deal. However, you might encounter some stubborn pup or dog who refuses to comply.

Dogs undergoing this behavioral cycle often fail to comprehend that the indoors are off-limit for potty breaks. If you’re stuck with such a stubborn dog, contact professionals for dog training in Oxford. Here are a few tips that can help you make your dog obedient.

How do you train a dog to go to the toilet outside?

1. Create a small outdoor confinement area

First, begin with creating an outdoor confinement area for your dog. Take it out and lure it into the confinement area. Now, you should step back and start ignoring your dog altogether. Wait for 10-15 minutes. If it does not comply, return it indoors and try again in another 10 minutes.

2. Gradual weaning

You must keep repeating this process until the dog gives up going to the toilet indoors altogether. You can remove the pen when it gets a little better accustomed to going outside. Moreover, it is best to remove the pen door gradually.

3. Conclude the process

However, during this training, you must stay vigilant and ensure your dog never goes indoors. Every time an indoor mishap like that happens, the whole process can regress, and your dog’s learned behavior can be reversed entirely. Moreover, you also need to incorporate a reward-based system. Each time it successfully goes outside, give some sort of reward. If you follow these steps closely, you will see success in no time. All it demands is repetition and resilience. Do you need some extra help in potty-training your dog?

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