Having a pet dog is a responsibility for the pet owner. From health concerns to food habits and social behavior, you must take care of every simple aspect completely. However, the most intriguing situation arises during the separation. Are you planning to put your fur ball into a dog boarding?

Concerns regarding the safety of the pet will always be in mind. These gripping worries increase if you need to leave the town for work and keep the dog in boarding for a prolonged period. There are several dog boardings in Bicester where you can keep your pet. However, you must check the boarding safety and security norms before finalising our decision.

Which Safety and Comfort Factors Should You Check When Boarding a Dog?

Conduct a pre-booking inspection

Before you decide to keep your dog in a boarding, visit the place physically. Look around the premises and check the fencing around the property. Make sure they provide separate kennels for every dog to ensure utmost comfort. Check the space where your little fur ball will eat and play. Make sure that they are maintaining the highest level of hygiene.

Make a documentation review

Ask for papers to ensure the boarding is legal and authorised to handle animals. Ask questions to the staff. For instance, ask the employees about how they handle emergency medical situations. A safe boarding facility should have contingency plans to ensure utmost comfort.

Ensure there’s supervision around

Look for boardings that are entirely supervised and monitored. The play areas and kennels must have CCTVs to ensure the dogs’ complete safety. The facility should have trained and experienced staff to handle dogs’ behavioural issues.

Structural safety

Move around the boarding facility and ensure there are sufficient boundaries and fences to protect your furball. Boundaries should be high enough so that the dogs cannot escape from the premises. Also, the boarding facility should have strong metal gates with security to ensure that the pets do not stroll out of the premises.

Special security for small dogs

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for dogs. Consult the boarding facility and ask about their approach to small dogs or puppies. They should have unique rooms, play areas, and complete monitoring to ensure the puppies’ safety.

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