Training the dog is a fun-filled activity. Unlike humans, dogs are highly responsive to mental stimulation. Hence, if you train them properly with good etiquette, discipline and mental stimulation, they will surely follow the lead. Enrolling the dog with a professional dog trainer for dog training will help you get your dog trained properly.

They are knowledgeable and experienced people with the skills to handle all types of dog problems. They also help ensure that the dog learns social behaviour completely so that the owner does not face any difficulties. Here are the five golden rules of dog training that every trainer must follow.

Four golden rules of dog training that trainers follow

Go at a slow pace

Training is a mentally exhausting drill for dogs. Since they cannot retain so much information in a single go, it is a golden rule for every dog trainer to go slow with the training process. Training is a heavy cognitive learning process for them. The dog gets proper training when the training is broken into short sessions. Again it is a great idea to finish each session with a proper command. This gives an idea of whether the dog has received proper training.

Introduce a reward system

Dog trainers generally introduce a reward system to make the training process worthwhile. It is an effective trick to make the dogs obey the command that they are given. Since dogs cannot voice their concerns, treating them with special foot treats can make them comfortable and receptive to the training process.

Do not punish the dog

There might be times during the training when the dog will not be cooperative or will exhibit unwanted behaviour. Under such circumstances, punishing the dog will make them more stubborn and arrogant. Thus the dog trained always sticks to this golden rule of not including any punishment in the training system.

Maintaining patience and consistency

Unlike humans, dogs need to be trained every day to help them develop the cognitive behaviour that you’re expecting out of them. Hence, make sure that your dog attends the training daily. It is the golden rule for the trainers to repeat the same process patiently to get the desired outcome.

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