Did you bring a new puppy home? It is certainly an overwhelming feeling. However, it is a big responsibility at the same time. Like a newborn baby, There are plenty of things that you might need to teach your puppy in the first place. If the beginning is wrong, then the puppy’s upbringing will become more complex.

Remember, puppies are not a blank slate. They are genetically social animals and have certain instincts developed from the very beginning. As a puppy owner, you must provide proper dog training so your puppy learns how to behave and get mixed with human society.

You can approach professional dog training companies for the same. They follow the process of positive reinforcement, where they provide rewards to encourage behavior in the puppies. This is an effective method of training the puppies to do and behave as you want them to.

However, there are 5 important basic cues that you must teach from the very beginning in your puppy.

What are the essential cues that a puppy must learn?

Teach the dog to come home when summoned

Train the puppy to respond to your call. Sit with them and make them understand the gesture. Unlike humans, you need to give treats to your puppy so that they behave the way you want them to. Every time drop a treat on the floor near you and summon your puppy. Repeat this process several times for a week or a month to make them understand the gesture. It is always a good practice to avoid repeating the puppy’s name, as you might not be able to call the puppy by its name all the time.

Teach the puppy to walk with a loose leash

It is not a good practice to always tie a leash around the neck of the dog. Hence this is a vital part of puppy training wear; they are trained to walk independently with a loose leash around their neck. Professional trainers prefer to say words like “let’s go”, “come forward”, and “move on” to make the puppy understand that they have to walk independently. Once they have captured his process, you can remove the leash and let them wander freely.

Teach the dog to sit properly

Dogs have different methods of sitting. Training them to sit properly is essential. They must fold their legs and bend to sit so they do not litter around the space. Use hand gestures to make the puppy sit down. Repeat this twice or thrice, and they will get used to it. It would be best to ask the professionals in them to sit properly and why they are having their meals.

Teach a dog to lie down

This is also a basic requirement that the puppy should learn at the initial stage. Ask the dog to print down their elbows and get down to give the floor while they are trying to lie down. This gesture will help you to understand that your dog is feeling sleepy or they are tired and want to take some rest. For proper dog training services, approach Gamegoer Kennels. We have experts who can help with proper dog training services.