Is it cold and windy outside? You might want to skip your dog’s daily exercises. But, we will ask you to act against this temptation. So, even when it’s cold, ensure your pup gets ample exercise to stay mentally stimulated and in the best physical conditions. So, when you are taking your dog out for winter every day, you should put extra consideration into ensuring you take your dog out safely throughout the winter season. As a leading dog boarding in Bicester, here we have put together some effective tips to walk your dog safely through the cold winter months.

Three tips to keep your dog safe on a walkout in winter

Avoid long walks in the chilly weather

Though, according to the book, your dog needs a couple of hours of exercise every single day, that does not mean it has to be done in one single stint. During the chilly winter days, it is a rather better idea to break up the exercise time into smaller portions and walk your dog out on multiple shorter walks throughout the day. So, break up the exercise time in this manner: when the chill in the air becomes encumbering and your pup gets all muddy and wet, it is best to interrupt the exercise and get your pup back to safety. So, look closely at your pup, whether it is giving any sign of being too cold- such as whining, shivering, shaking, or something else.

Put your dog in a warm jacket

Investing in a winter dog coat or jacket is also best to keep them warm through the chill around them. Here are a few guidelines on how to choose apparel for your dog. Before you pick a particular dog coat, you want to ensure it is well-insulated, durable, and the perfect fit for your dog. However, you don’t want to make your dog uncomfortable or restrict its movement with the concerned jacket.

Keep your dog on a lead in icy condition

Lastly, you would like to keep your dog in the lead. We would recommend an extendable dog lead in this case. These longer leads allow your pup to roam around freely while keeping closely in the tail. You would not want to set them completely free on the ice since there could be ponds and iced-over lakes that can break under your dog’s weight and put its safety in jeopardy.

Don’t shy away from taking your dog out for its daily boost of walk. As a leading dog boarding in Bicester, Gamegoer Kennels follows all these best practices when we take your pooch out for its daily walk amidst the winter chill.