Your dog needs a safe and cosy shelter when you are not around. It can be a business trip, a family vacation or some emergency trip to another city that makes you leave your beloved four-legged friend behind. In such situations, you need a trusted dog boarding in Kidlington where you can keep your dog safely for a certain time.

Whenever you look for a dog boarding or shelter, these are the three major things you must check in a facility.

Safety of Your Dog

While keeping them away from you, safety should be your prime concern. The boarding must provide them with a safe and secure accommodation where they can feel at home. Check if the premise is well protected with proper fencing and other security features.

Comfort is Ultimate

Those little furry friends of yours must feel comfortable while staying away from their secured shelter in your home. Professional dog kennels always provide cosy blankets, a warm room and a comfortable area for your dogs to sleep, play and roam around.

Play Area

It is highly required that your dog will get enough area to play. Some kennels allow the owners to send their dogs with their favourite toys or their pillows so that they can feel that they are in their familiar ambience. An open and wide playground will help dogs to enjoy various types of physical activities that will keep them healthy and happy.

Apart from all these essential and basic features, some of the professional dog boardings in Kidlington also offer dog training with the help of professional and experienced trainers. They provide obedience and behavioural training.

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