Before you take your dogs and puppies to the doggy daycare, training classes, and dog boarding, you need to observe them and understand how they interact with each other. 

The professionals who offer dog training in Oxford have discovered some of the major stressful signs they have seen in these furry friends. They suggest identifying these signs, helping the dogs calm down, and then slowly sending them to boarding. 

As a dog owner, it is very crucial to find out when the dog is stressed and needs some extra love and space. When a dog feels frightened, the best thing is to leave them aside for some time until they calm down.  

Find Out the Major Signs of Stress in Dogs and Puppies

  1. The Dog Is Frequently Yawning

If you find that your dog is yawning too often, this means that they are nervous and want confrontation. Dogs also yawn when they are feeling too tired. Now, how will you make the difference? The nervous yawning is frequent and stays for a longer time when compared to when they are sleepy. If you witness that your dog or puppy is yawning for a longer time than normal, it is time to look for the reasons and provide measures to calm down. 

  • Whining Or Barking

When the dogs are stressed, they might have a hard time controlling how much they bark and whine. It is the automatic response to the anxiety-inducing situation that the dog faces. When the dog is barking too much, it is unusual, and it is best to take note of it, assess the surrounding environment, and make the dog relaxed. 

  • Pulling The Ears Back

If your dog has ears that are pulled back, they might be scared, or they are trying to show that they are not a threat to humans. For instance, a dog might pull its ears back if someone yells at them. It also happens when they hear a loud sound. 

  • Growling

When the dog growls at you, they are telling you to stay away from them. You should never punish any dog for growing loudly. Growling is the dog’s way of letting you know that it is going to bite you. The best thing is to stop whatever you are doing and stay still until the dog stops growling.  Gamegoer Kennels offers the best Dog Training in Oxford. If you think that your furry pet needs behavioral training, bring them to us. The team will be happy to help.