Have you ever tried to know if your dog is enjoying their time at dog boarding? Many pet parents leave their dogs at boarding without paying attention to their needs. The most common thing you will want when you are a pet parent is that your furry friend must have a good time there. There are a few key things you need to look for to tell if your dog is having a good time or enjoying their stay at Dog Boarding.

There are many dog boardings in Bicester. They are all reputed and reliable. However, you need to check out for a few signs so that you can

Ways to Tell If Your Dog is Happy at Daycare

They come home tired

It will be the most obvious sign that your dog is having a good time at the boarding. If they come home and flop on the floor immediately, they are exhausted from playing all day.

They have a good appetite

It is another sign that your furry friend is happy at the boarding if they have a good appetite after returning home. It means they are not stressed out and can eat and drink normally.

Wagging their tails

A happy pet will usually wag its tail when they see you. It is a sign of happiness and excitement. If your pet is wagging tails frequently, they have enjoyed the time in day boarding.

Check if they are anxious or not

If your dog is pretty relaxed and is not showing signs of anxiety, it is a good sign that they are happy at the centre.

If they are social with other dogs

When your furry one enjoys their time at the boarding house, they should be social with the other dogs. It means that they don’t feel lonely or isolated after you leave them at the facility.

Are they listening to the staff?

Another sign that your dog is happy at the boarding house is that they listen to the staff. It means the pet is comfortable with the people taking care of them.

They are having fun

It is obvious, but if your pet is having fun at the boarding, they will show it. They may be playing with the toys and generally acting happy.

All the above points are good signs that your dog is happy reliable and trustworthy at dog boarding in Bicester.

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