Dogs are the best friends of man. Rightly stated, dogs, like humans, have an extreme sense of bonding and feelings for their owners. Hence, when they are separated from their owners, they develop separation anxiety, which makes them behave negatively. Among the different pets, if you’ve planned on keeping a dog, remember that they are not a lover of solidarity. Hence, keeping them away or alone can make them sad and, in extreme cases, take a toll on their health conditions as well.

However, putting your furry friend into a professional dog boardings in Oxford can help them eliminate separation anxiety problems. A dog boarding has professional trainers who can handle separation anxiety issues well.

Ways dog boardings handles separation anxiety of dogs

Communicate with the owner and know about the dog boardings

When the dog parent decides to leave the pet with a boarding, the authorities set up a meeting with the parents. They understand the nature of the dog, analyse the behavioural patterns and also make a list of the favourite items and foods that can enhance the mood of the dogs.

Meets and analyses the dog’s behaviour

Since the boarding is all set to bring the dog in, the specialists meet the dog first. They learn more about the current behaviour of the dog. The specialists will try to create a special relationship with the dog so that the dog gets comfortable with the boarding facility. The dogs can roam around and check the facility and make themselves comfortable.

Engage them with playful tricks

Separation anxiety makes the dog feel anxious, distressed and emotional. Hence, the dog boardings facilities make the situation light for the dogs. They engage the dogs with simple, playful tricks. They make the dogs play plays and help them socialise with other dogs in the boarding. Moreover, they provide specialised attention to the dogs so that they get over their anxiety issues.

Take them for a walk

To waive depression from the dogs’ minds, the boarding also arranges for dog walking services. It is not only a cardio improvement method but also enhances the moods of depressed and anxious dogs. It also helps to reduce the stress levels. It is also considered to be a form of mental stimulation for dogs that helps them in coping with anxiety issues.

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