Most dog owners are concerned about their dog boarding for anxious and aggressive behaviour. However, helping them socialise with humans and other dogs can change their behaviour drastically. If you start training puppies from a very young age, they grow into well-adjusted dogs. Socialisation can be a challenge for dogs and their owners.

With the help of professionals at dog boarding, you can help your dog develop proficient socialisation skills. Contact professional dog boarding in Oxford for help.

Four ways dog boardings can help a dog develop socialisation skills

Walk the dog properly

Simply dragging the dog unwillingly every evening will not change the dog’s social behaviour. Experts at a dog boarding facility conduct a firm and kind walk along with the dog, allowing the dog time to sniff, explore, eat, and even urinate as per their choice. The purpose of dog walking is to familiarise the dog with the surroundings so that it develops proper socialisation skills.

Exposing them to people

Introducing your dog to various people can help it understand how to behave around them. Often, dogs become aggressive because they feel threatened and look for ways to protect themselves. In dog boarding, the experts generally introduce the dogs to the people in the neighbourhood. They also make the dogs familiar with different people while walking them in the evening. The positive attitude of the people makes dogs bond with them.

Get familiar with dog cues

As your dog can’t speak, their cues are the only source of interaction between you and them. If you want your dog to behave properly, try to read their expressions and cues. In dog boarding, experts are trained in assessing the common cues of different breeds of dogs. This helps them to bond faster with the dogs.

Let them interact

It would help if you taught your dog how to interact with humans from a young age. The experts at the boarding generally keep treats to encourage positive behaviour. They also train the dogs to sniff around unfamiliar people and become comfortable. They teach them to sit calmly after the initial greeting phase is over. This allows the opposite person to introduce themselves and pat the dog on the back.

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