Dog boarding is a great option for pet owners who must leave their furry friends behind while they go on vacation, on a business trip, or for any other reason. However, choosing a dog boarding in Witney can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking for pet owners, especially considering your dog’s well-being is at stake. 

Before you send your dog to a boarding facility, it’s crucial to ask some essential questions to ensure your dog will be safe, happy, and comfortable while you’re away.

Five questions to ask a dog boarding facility before sending your dog:

1.    What are the qualifications and experience of the staff members?

You want to ensure that the facility you choose employs qualified, experienced staff members who can provide your dog with excellent care. Ask about the qualifications of the staff members, including their training and experience in dog care. It’s also essential to ask about the staff-to-dog ratio to ensure your dog receives the attention they need.

2.    What is the facility’s feeding, exercise, and medication policy?

Every dog has different needs, and ensuring the boarding facility can accommodate your dog’s specific needs is important. Ask about the facility’s policy on feeding, exercise, and medication. If your dog has any allergies or is on medication or dietary restrictions, ensure the facility can accommodate them. 

3.    What kind of accommodations does the facility offer?

Dogs need a comfortable and safe environment to stay in while you’re away. Ask about the type of accommodations the facility offers, including the size of the kennels, bedding, and toys. If your dog is used to a particular sleeping arrangement or has separation anxiety, ensure the facility can provide the necessary accommodations.

4.    What is the facility’s protocol in case of an emergency?

Even in the best of situations, emergencies can happen. Knowing that the facility has a protocol for handling emergencies is important. Ask about the facility’s emergency protocol and ensure they have the necessary resources, such as a veterinarian on call.

5.    Can you tour the facility?

Before sending your dog to a boarding facility, it’s essential to tour the facility and see the conditions for yourself. A facility that is clean, well-maintained, and has happy dogs is a good sign. You can also use this opportunity to meet the staff members and ask any additional questions you may have.

At Gamegoer Kennels, we often face such questions and give satisfactory answers to our potential clients. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our dog boarding in Witney.