Most individuals find this a fun time that results in loads of relaxation and beautiful memories. However, it can cause some concern for dog and cat owners, especially if they debate whether to board their pets. These are the top 5 benefits of boarding your pet for you and them!

Yes! Boarding your pet during the summer can ensure they receive the necessary care.

They can receive the care they require

When owners are gone, pets might become nervous, even for a short period. The personnel at boarding facilities will ensure to offer your pet more than enough attention to help them feel at peace and comfy until you return, in addition to giving them a safe place to stay.

They have access to lots of fresh air.

Pet boarding facilities give pets safe outdoor access to play and run about in a secure setting. It may be more challenging for your pet sitter to ensure that your dog or cat can readily obtain their daily fresh air if you live in an apartment.

They can interact

The average pet sitter can only visit for a few daily sessions to care for the dog or cat. Your pet will be left alone for most of the day unless you can leave them at a friend’s or family member’s home or arrange for someone to move in temporarily.

But it doesn’t take place at a boarding house. Your pet can play and mingle with various dogs, cats, and sometimes even staff members!

You can delight in your getaway.

This can give you great peace of mind and allow you to unwind while on vacation because your pet will be constantly watched over and cared for.

We will ask you to leave an actual contact number if you board your pet at the right place so we can get in touch with you if necessary. 

It’s a fantastic option for elderly or sick pets.

For skilled staff members at boarding facilities, it’s usually no problem if your pet has specific medical conditions that call for special attention. They have experience providing care for senior pets and those who require particular attention, whether it be for dietary needs, medication administration, or even the quantity and kind of physical activity required daily.

In Oxford, Gamegoer Kennels offers top-notch professional dog training. Additionally, we have first-rate dog boarding facilities for your pet with contemporary comforts. Please contact our team for more information about our services and the training process.