If you have a pet dog, you might know their psychology sometimes shows similar features to human thought patterns. They can feel fear and even sometimes show signs of anxiety. Technically, these are termed fear periods, which happen during a certain time frame.

Take Good Care of Your Dog:

As a dog parent, you have to take cognisance of the matter and treat your little one properly. If you think the problem needs more focus, you may take them to a well-known source for dog training in Oxford. Here, your pawed companion may get attention from the professionals and eliminate the problem faster.

Symptoms of Fear Period of Your Dog:

Before going on with the process of treating the fear period, you must learn about it in detail. You can define a dog’s fear period as a temporary window of developmental and cognitive changes. Your pooch may face it once or twice during their initial years of growth. Though your dog may show some behavioural change, it is an important period for overall development. You may identify their fear period through a few vital signs:

  • Getting easily startled or distracted by noises
  • Barking or backing away from new/unfamiliar things
  • Dramatic changes in behaviour after a single negative experience
  • Acting afraid in front of new people or objects

How Can the Trainer Help?

Upon looking at these problems in detail, the trainer can treat your little pup properly. They may follow a systematic roadmap to end the problems faced during the fear period.

  • The trainer may attempt to socialise your dog with other animals. However, they would do this task by following certain restrictions.
  • Instead of forcing your four-legged friend to interact with others, the trainer would focus on the quality of the interaction.
  • The initial process of removing the window of fear in a dog is to observe them closely. So, the trainer would leave them alone and allow them to settle in. During this period, your little pup won’t undergo formal training or behaviour-changing exercises.
  • Finally, the trainer will hand you your pet once the process ends. They may provide you with some inputs regarding transportation and socialisation after this training session.

With these reliable training procedures, your dog would be free from all kinds of fear in their developmental age. If you want assistance from a trusted source for dog training in Oxford, connect with Gamegoer Kennels. We have a team of specialist trainers who can treat your little pet nicely and help them eliminate the sense of fear through proper training methods. For more information, you can visit our website.