Leaving the tiny fur ball in boarding seems like the most challenging decision for every pet owner. Whether your dog is happy, content and safe in the daycare must have crossed your mind a thousand times from when you left your lovable pet. However, it is only sometimes an option for all pet owners. Leaving the dog in a dog boarding doesn’t mean that your dog is in a pathetic condition. On the contrary, they might be unable to express that they are happy and satisfied spending their time in dog boarding.

How will you understand whether your dog is happy at the daycare? Here are a few signs to look out for. 

How to assess whether the dog is happy in the dog boarding?

They are exhausted and hungry.

The most obvious sign that your dog has enjoyed his time in the boarding is that they returned home exhausted. Dogs are full of energy, and playing in the boarding room helps them increase their appetite and makes them exhausted at the end of the day.

They are wagging their tails.

A happy dog will usually wag their tails whenever they see its owner. If you find your dog exhibiting this behaviour, they have enjoyed their boarding time.

They are patient and not anxious.

If your dog seems relaxed, patiently waits for his dinner and is not accepting any signs of anxiety,  then certainly it’s a good sign and a positive indication that the daycare is taking good care of your dog.

They have developed new habits.

Over time with their stay at the daycare, you will notice a few changes in your dog’s habits. If they have grasped the habits taught in the boarding, you can be sure of their positive grooming process.

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